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Self-Knowledge Portal began as an individual effort to gather and organize personal studies on Vedic Astrology, which later expanded into Palmistry as well. As public interest in these contents grew, this portal was created to share the material with the growing community of interested people in the ancient knowledge of occult sciences such as the Vedic Shastras.

  • Discover who you, and others, are and why!
  • Know what would be your most suitable partner.
  • Find out what career would bring you the most success.
  • Learn how to make the best of your circumstances beforehand.
  • Knowing yourself lets you know what's in harmony with you.

Who We Are

Palmist ChrisPalmist Chris has been practicing Vedic astrology and Palmistry since 2013 and she offers hand analysis in partnership with her mentor and partner Astrologer Ambresh. Chris has a degree in web development and has worked as web developer for several years prior to becoming a full time consultant.

Astrologer AlexAstrologer Ambresh has over 10 years experience providing astrological consultation to a wide range of satisfied clients. In addition to Vedic astrology expertise, Ambresh has a degree in marketing and has worked as marketing analyst for several years before dedicating his full time to astrology.

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