Hand & Astral Combo Report


Analysis of your hand and horoscope. See details at the end of this page.

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Combo Hand and Astrological analysis. This service includes:

  • Energy Colorized Chart!
  • Complete and detailed horoscope data.
  • Divisional Charts (Vargas) and Dashas Report.
  • Effects of your Dashas.
  • Effects of the Planets on your natal chart.
  • Effects of the Yogas present on your chart.
  • Astrological prognosis for the next 12 months of your life.
  • Numerology  and career report
  • Graphical production of the hand analysis.
  • Written hand analysis of the main and outstanding points.
  • Answers to 3 specific questions focused on one topic each.
  • General observations to provide self-knowledge and guidance.
  • The entire report is in English language.
  • 120+ pages!

The final product is a digital file in PDF format, sent to the buyer’s email within 7 business days of purchase, excluding weekends and US holidays.

The scope of the analysis is one person.